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The definition of cooking is: preparing food and adding heat and combining different ingredients to make something edible. But to a person who loves to cook it is so much more. Why stop with traditional American Food? Places all over the world are producing great meals. With so many countries around the world you are sure to find an international cuisine that you will love.

Broadened your cooking horizons with International cookbooks. If you love French food but hate the extra calories, there are healthy international recipes out there. The vegan movement has gained popularity. Many countries specialize in vegetarian and vegan recipes. Some classic international cookbooks are Julia child's French cookbooks. Betty Crocker also has many international cookbooks.

Popular regions and countries for cooking are India, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico and China. All these countries offer distinct cuisine. You no longer need to go out for Italian or get your favorite items pre packaged. You can also learn make your own Chinese noodles. Learn how to make your own Baklava at home. With international cookbooks you can hone your cooking skills and enhance your pallet.'

Look for an array of International cookbooks on EBay. Your fellow cookers have lots of cookbooks to share with you!


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